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* I am on a sabbatical from January until August 2023 and don't take on any clients for birth support for 2023 yet *




Your Wishes Count

Doula support during birth

Giving birth is not something we do every day and it can be quite exciting. It’s not for no reason that they compare it with running a marathon: 1) you should prepare yourself for this and 2) you need amazing support at your side. As one of the most experienced doulas in the Netherlands (it’s crazy to realize still!) I would love to be part of your support team and share from this experience.

If you plan on giving birth in Amsterdam it might be that you find yourself in a busy ward where the midwife or gynecologist doesn’t have the time to give you his or her full attention because they have to divide their time to also support other laboring women. And when a shift changes, you will see a new set of faces at your bed. This might make you feel a bit lost or lonely. Especially when you don’t understand Dutch. With my continuous birth support you have a familiar face at your side and someone that can help you navigate the system.

Bring your doula

“What a delight to have Denise present at my first birth! Her calm voice assuring me is still in my head today :). She was a huge support for my boyfriend as well; without her we probably couldn’t have felt as such a team. She gave him confidence and instructions as how to support me. Denise felt what was needed before we could even express it. I am so grateful for her presence & support throughout my pregnancy and of course my labour.”


How I work

All my packages include an introductory meeting, 24/7 on call time from week 38 of the pregnancy until your baby is born (I will make sure to be with you within an hour when the birth has started) plus the continuous support during birth. I come when you want to have me and leave when you have recovered from the birth. If you wish, you can borrow a birth ball and / or TENS device. And of course you can always call, email or WhatsApp with questions outside meetings. I am here for you!

In order to get to know each other better, we meet each other a couple of times before the birth of your baby. During these appointments we talk about how things are evolving around the pregnancy and the upcoming birth and we also cover some practical matters. For example during one of the meetings we will discuss the birth wishes (birth plan) in detail. Your wishes need to be central during the birth, so I like to hear what the wishes are so I can help you to get them fulfilled as much as possible.

During the other appointment we go through the last things before I go on call for you, and I show your (birth) partner which massage and relaxation techniques I often use, so he / she knows how you can best be supported. With this meeting I am certain we will form a great team to coach you through every contraction.

Additional support

If you would like to work with me more often in addition to the two standard appointments, then you can opt for one of the more extensive packages. The Wise Mama package includes a private 2,5 hours childbirth class in the comfort of your home. I adapt this course to your wishes. Perfect as a refresher for a second or third pregnancy or if you prefer not to participate in a group course.

The Bliss Mama package includes two extra appointments, which you book with me at a discounted rate of 99 euros instead of 125 euros per appointment. You can determine the program of these extra appointments yourself. Maybe you want to focus on extra preparation of your body for birth, by booking a Spinning Babies consultation or you want to work more with the mind in a Yoga Nidra meditation session? Below you will find a number of ideas for these appointments.

Work that body

Make sure your body is in balance and in an optimal condition for the best possible outcomes for birth. These (Spinning Babies) exercises for optimal fetal positioning provide space and balance in your pelvis and uterus. Also ideal for babies in a breech position!


As an orthomolecular nutritionist I know how important it is to have the right nutrients in place to grow a happy and healthy baby. I will give you personal lifestyle- and nutritional advice to help you on your way to a healthy birth and postpartum period.

Master your mind

In a Yoga Nidra session we work with the subconscious mind and prepare it for birth. In this deep meditation session I integrate a powerful visualization; a technique that is also used in hypnobirthing.

Baby come out massage

41 weeks pregnant and still no baby in sight? Let’s see if these natural induction techniques work! I massage the lower back and feet and combine a number of techniques; Chinese cupping, moxa, acupressure and aromatherapy.

Plan ahead

Well begun is half gone. Write down your wishes for birth and first weeks postpartum in a structured plan. I help you to write down your wishes for birth and the first weeks postpartum in a structured plan.


Someone who listens to you, gives you a hug or supportive words and will keep your story safe. I would be happy to help you with the questions you have or the problems you encounter.


Happy Mama


*Pregnancy support*

When you would like to learn more about comfort measures like breathing techniques or how your partner can help during birth.

Bliss Mama


*Birth support*

Perfect when you want to tap into my wisdom and prepare yourself and your birth partner, with live support on the big day.

Divine Mama


*Birth support*

When you feel you want to know everything and receive the complete package of my experience and support during your pregnancy and birth.

No additional costs, my packages are all inclusive: travel expenses, taxi, BTW et cetera.

Only when I have to travel outside of Amsterdam I ask a fee for travel expenses (0,29 cent per kilometer).

Gabi review birth doula Denise Amsterdam

“Denise is the perfect birth partner, she will be your friend, confidant and cheerleader if and when you need it. Denise was so knowledgable about pregnancy and birth and she really put us at ease. Denise is a practical thinker, a warm personality and good communicator and she can easily adapt to situations. The tips and tricks in the preparation for birth and throughout the pregnancy, really assisted us. From the excercises that eased back pain, to the support during labour up until to the very ‘moment’ by my bedside. This is way more than a job for Denise- she takes this in her stride with much passion, capability and grace.”


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