Doula in Amsterdam

Doula Denise

Birth is big, amazing and can even be magical. It’s an immense honor to be invited by expecting parents to the birth of their baby. As long as I can remember it fascinated me that a body can grow a baby and then open up to give birth to this baby. A passion I share with my mom.

But despite this fascination I decided to go to university after I finished high school and explored another interesting topic: crime. I finished my masters in Forensic Criminology and Masters in Criminal Law and started a career in Forensic Psychiatry. This world is absolutely fascinating, but still that birth-world kept luring and interested me even more.

One evening I stumbled upon the phenomenon ‘doula’ and as soon as I read the description of the work of a doula, every cell in my body told me: this is you! I had to listen to this voice and started my doula journey in 2014.

For years I combined both my day job as a project manager with the doula work. But my doula practice became busier and busier and I just knew: my heart is in the birth-world. Supporting pregnant women, sometimes with and sometimes without a partner, during one of the most precious moments in their lives is what I love doing most.

After all these years I’ve prepared thousands of parents for birth and witnessed hundreds of babies come into this world. Over the years I have seen births of all sorts: home births, hospital births, water births, twin-births, cesarean sections and so on. But it never ever gets boring, I absolutely love supporting families during the birth of their babies!

Are you curious what kind of person I am? People around me say I am down to earth and have a calm and caring personality. This calmness is what many parents mention as well when they wrote me a testimonial.

Furthermore I have an urge for life-long-learning, so whenever I have the chance I take an extra training or course to further broaden my knowledge about pregnancy and birth. A few trainings or studies I have done in the past years: NLP, Yoga Nidra, Ayurvedic cooking (cooking and baking are other passions of mine), massage, mindful birth and many more. This knowledge, combined with the content of my ‘Mary Poppins-doula bag’, makes me able to give the support that matches every need in a specific given situation during a birth.

I am looking forward to getting to know you!

“I was extremely fearful about birth and it helped me so much to talk about it with Denise from day 1. It made such a difference to my mindset and to our whole experience! She brought us the perfect mix of knowledge, empathy and super calm and positive energy – and she was sooo resourceful and full of great tips all along, before, during and after delivery”
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